I still believe that the Right of Return is the ‎founding stone for the resolution of the conflict over Palestine especially if it ‎combines with a new post-nationalist vision of creating a secular and ‎democratic one state in mandatory Palestine. A state for all its inhabitants, ‎Palestinians (residents and refugees) and Israeli Jews without any distinction ‎based on sex, gender, race, color, religion, language, nationality. A state ‎of full citizenship, of rule of law for all.

Naji El Khatib

I think the best solution will be one state . It needs trust building and abiding by the law for all. It needs time to get there but it can be done.

Latif Shawar


1st March 2018

March 1 – One State Foundation featured on Mondoweiss

"We are still in times where speaking about a single democratic and secular state in Israel-Palestine is considered contentious. Just look how former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg was received at a liberal synagogue (...)"  Read more here.
14th March 2018

March 9 – One State Foundation featured on Al Ahram Online

'On 1 March, the One State Foundation was launched. A Palestinian-Israeli initiative “with an agenda to broaden debate and ultimately support for a one state solution”, the foundation voices an idea and a movement whose ideas I have frequently advanced in this column.' Read more here.
14th March 2018

March 12 – One State Foundation featured in Le Point

Un nombre croissant de Palestiniens milite en faveur d'un État binational, la colonisation israélienne rendant impossible la création d'un État palestinien. Read more here (French).

14th March 2018

March 13 – One State Foundation launch featured on Arab Daily News

Launch of The One State Foundation: a new Palestinian-Israeli initiative to grow debate and support for a one state solution Read more here.
14th March 2018

March 13 – Interview with Dutch founder of The One State Foundation

'De Nederlandse Angélique Eijpe is een van de drie initiatiefnemers voor de One State Foundation die zich gaat inzetten voor de visie van één democratische staat met gelijke rechten voor Palestijnen en joden. Onder dit interview de tekst uit het persbericht van de One State Foundation. Zie hier voor de oprichters en de adviesraad. DocP stelde medeoprichter Angélique Eijpe dit weekend enkele vragen.' Read more here (Dutch only).
22nd May 2018

Interview advisory board member Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

Interview here (in French) with our advisory board member Ofra Yeshua-Lyth on the concept of one state and the work of the Foundation (May 14, 2018).