One state in Palestine for two nations means justice, equality and peace.

Mohammed Al-Shaikh Ali

One democracy for one state, leave Zionism behind us, full equality of peoples(s).

Avi Liberman

Establishment and Finances

The One State Foundation is initiated exclusively by its individual founders, within their personal capacity. For practical purposes the Foundation has been legally established in The Netherlands.

Up to the moment of the launch of the Foundation, at which time the possibility for receiving external donations will become possible, the Foundation has been funded exclusively by its founders. None of the board members receives any financial or other kind of compensation for their board membership.

The Foundation aims to provide full transparency on its agenda and its finances and in this framework will also publish its annual financial reports online. Given the fact that the Foundation has been established less than a year ago the first financial report will only be available at the end of the full financial year cycle.

The Dutch fiscal registration number of the Foundation is: 8574.91.817.


Strategy document

The attachment provided here contains the strategy paper of the Foundation.