I still believe that the Right of Return is the ‎founding stone for the resolution of the conflict over Palestine especially if it ‎combines with a new post-nationalist vision of creating a secular and ‎democratic one state in mandatory Palestine. A state for all its inhabitants, ‎Palestinians (residents and refugees) and Israeli Jews without any distinction ‎based on sex, gender, race, color, religion, language, nationality. A state ‎of full citizenship, of rule of law for all.

Naji El Khatib

As an Israeli citizen, I regard my government’s policies towards the Palestinian people as nothing less than occupation, apartheid and colonialism. While Palestinians are the victims of all this, Israeli leaders and the Israeli public at large must realize that Israelis have no future here without treating the Palestinians as equal human beings. A one state solution addresses this fundamental issue by striving for equality, democracy and peace, rather than fear, separation and violence.

Ofer Neiman


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