I am happy to cooperate with any association that seeks to promote the concept of one democratic secular state in historic Palestine, with complete separation of religion and politics, free of ethnic or religious affiliation of its citizens. That country has room for Jews and non-Jews, including the descendants of Palestinian refugees who were expelled or fled in 1948.


Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

I believe the way forward is one state, and Israeli Jews must let go of their misconceptions and understand that opening the borders will not only bring poetic justice and decolonization, it will actually create a democratic country that is free of any religious characterization, all the way from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Danielle Alma Ravitzki

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Are your sentiments with regard to our conviction best described as anything in between hesitant to hostile?

We understand.

It is not easy to imagine let alone embrace a perspective on a shared future having lived in a reality for decades in which hostility, violence, oppression, dispossession and inequality define the relationship between the communities concerned. A reality in which the vision of a shared future in equality has never been presented outside the realm of academics or maybe at times, as a veiled threat.

We would very much welcome meeting with you to hear and listen to your concerns, share our perspectives and ideas about our conviction as well as to hear your conviction on what a true solution would look like in your mind.

Our convictions are firm but we are neither demagogues nor evangelicals; we want to meet with each and every one of you open to meeting and discussing with us. We commit to respectful engagement and our only request is for you to also engage respectfully towards us in return.
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